Selection by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Growing Likeness

Natural selection… a time of change Current research project, ‘Growing Likeness’ is in progress by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart (StudioLab eleanorgatestuart). This work extends her interests in biometrics and follows on … Continue reading Growing Likeness


FingerCodes: Exploring Identity through Science and Art “It is all so simple, a fingerprint, an impression of my finger – the printed mark. Black? Blue? Red? … Yes black. The … Continue reading FingerCodes

Splash - Canvas to Video, Eleanor Gates-Stuart


  ‘SPLASH!! …Leaping into action following a few moments of thought, distilling experiences, word and image and contemplating those first brush marks onto canvas, in a collaborative painting of five … Continue reading Splash!

Bright Sparks – Techno Art

Lantern Festival 2016
Congratulations to the Techno Art Students @ National Cheng Kung University for their successful major funding: Lantern Projects 2016

Techno Art @ NCKU
Double success – two projects commissioned
Techno Art @ NCKU
Double success – two projects commissioned – Rotating Memory & Persimmon in Art

于庭懿, 黃佩珊, Yi Ning Lo, Tai You Ye, Joanna Hsu

Research Supervisors: Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Dr Ming Turner