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Available for talks, workshops and commissions. 

Speaker and visits:

Keynote Speaker: SPARKS: Short Presentations of Artworks & Research for the Kindred Spirit. This discussion is online: https://vimeo.com/682661496 ‘Deep Rooted Vision’ by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Dr Sergio Moroni exhibiting in the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community online exhibition entitled The Earth, Our Home: Art, Technology and Critical Action, 2022. 
Speaker: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Andrew Hagan: AGRIPARK Forum 2021,Virtually Done: Planning the future with the eXtended Reality Collaborative (XRC)’, Charles Sturt, University. Link image
Keynote Speaker: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Andrew Hagan: STEM 2021 On Demand: ‘Get Real with Virtual Projects’ – real-world strategies that enable you to get started with eXtended Reality (XR) projects. STEM 2021 is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education through its Learning and Teaching Directorate. https://stem2021.com.au/speakers-and-presenters/dr-andrew-hagan-dr-eleanor-gates/ (2021)
Speaker:  Multi-disciplinary Co-Creation: Combining Creative Arts & Science – Artstate Speakers ProgramPanel: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Andrew Hagan, Bernard Higgins Moderated by Tracey Callinan. Wagga Civic Theatre 7 November 2020. Where does the arts fit into the world of Extended Reality? Extended Reality is immersive technology encompassing Augmented Reality (objects and information are overlaid in the real world),
Invited Speaker: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Research Workshop – ‘Orchid Aesthetic Beauty : A Cross Discipline, Science and Arts Research Approach’ at National Cheng Kung University, Dept of Life Sciences, Orchid Research and Development Centre, Taiwan (August 2020)
Speaker: Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Andrew Hagan : STEM 2020 On Demand: Strategies for a Rapidly Changing World, is an innovative online and on demand event demonstrating the power of technology during these challenging times. It is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education through its Learning and Teaching Directorate. https://stem2020.com.au (2020)
Speaker: There’s something in the air tonight: Communicating the science of pollen allergies using art; Harper, J, Gates-Stuart, E. & Graham, B. , 29 Nov 19, Living Well across the Lifespan: Faculty of Science Research Symposium, Charles Sturt University
Speaker: Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Dominique Sweeney and Robert Lewis: ‘Giving Permission for Lines of Flight: The third space and unlocking student potential through creative industries’, Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Arts and Education, Learning and Teaching Symposium, Australia (2019)
Invited Keynote Speaker: CSU Television Production Summit, Creativtive Adaptibility: Research and Practice (2019)
Invited Speaker, Australian International Animation Festival ‘Constructing Images from Science in Art Practice’ (2019)
Keynote Speaker, Visualisation Matters ‘Beyond the Ordinary: in the mix of science and art’ (2019)
Guest Speaker, Panel: ‘Exptiration: Local Extinction’, ANU Innovations Theatre, Australia  (2017)
Guest Speaker, Artists Society of Canberra, M16 Artspace, Australia (2017)
Guest Speaker, High Table Dinner, Division of Culture and Creativity, BNU-HKBU United International College, ROC (2016)
Keynote Speaker, ‘An Artist’s Perspective: Government Subsidies and Policies’, Look into the Future, International Forum on
Interdisciplinarity and Convergence of Techno Art Development, Ministry of Culture and Digital Arts Foundation, Taiwan (2016)
Speaker, ‘Under the Surface’, The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration and the Future of Artsci, National Cheng Kung University,
Taiwan (2016)
Invited Participant, Keck Futures Initiative, Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement , NAFKI
Conference, Academy of Sciences, US (2016)
Speaker, CG Australasia, CG Asia and ‘Science of the Unseen’, SIGGRAPGH Conference, Anaheim, US (2016)
Guest Speaker, DaLab, National Taiwan University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, (2016)
PresenterVisualisation, Big Data, Art + Science Festival, QUT (2016)
Guest Speaker, CSIRO Land CSIRO Land and Water Seminar, CSIRO WA (2016)
Guest Speaker, Magnified, 12 years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, National Archives of Australia (2015)
Presenter, TEDxCanberra, 2014
Keynote SpeakerThe Wonder of Fantasy Forum, Taiwan, 2014
Speaker, Lightning Talk, 3D Titanium Insects, Australian Science Communicators Conference, ASC (2014)
Poster, StellrScope, Explorations through Science & Art, Australian Science Communicators Conference, (2014)
Speaker,OzViz 2013, Monash University, Melbourne (2013)
Speaker, ‘Art and Science as Creative Catalysts’, co-authored paper VISAP 2013, IEEE Conference USA, (2013)
Guest Speaker, IVEC@ECU, eResearch, WA (2013)
Lightning Talk, VIZBIPlus,Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2013)
Speaker & Poster,OzViz 2012, UWA, Perth (2012)
Speaker, ‘StellrScope, Making Images’, SPECTRA Science & Art ‘Symposium, CSIRO, (2012)