Something in the Air

Pollen Allergies

'There's Something in the Air tonight: Communicating the Science of Pollen Allergies using Art': Dr John Harper, Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Dr Bruce Graham.

Living in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia you can certainly understand the fear of dust storms,  in particular the effects of pollen floating in the air during certain times of the year.  Dr John Harper, Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Dr Bruce Graham presented their collaborative research at the Faculty of Science Research Symposium, Charles Sturt University, discussing their cross-disciplinary project, communicating the science of pollen allergies through art.

“I can feel the tightening in my chest tonight - hold on!
I am reaching for my puffer and mask tonight - hold on!
Hold on!

I remember!
I’m worried!
How could I forget

The first time, the last time my chest got tight
Oh I couldn’t breathe, the thunder clouds were gathering
All around
And the pollen explodes unleashing its load of nanoparticles…

I can feel the tightening in my chest tonight - hold on!
Hold on!”

Words: Dr John Harper

The presentation began with a song from John as a means to provide an introduction to pollen allergies and to take a stroll amongst the audience. As all eyes were on John in his performance as he walked towards the screen and then the video ‘Something in the Air’ played (below) 

Rough cut video – “Something in the air” by Eleanor Gates-Stuart – studio test for Pollen work‬. Presented at the Faculty of Science’s Research Symposium – Living Well Across the Lifespan at Charles Sturt University, 29 November 2019.
Film and Produced by Eleanor Gates-Stuart
Sound Recorded by Mark DiAngelo
Actor: Iain Stuart

Just a snippet from the start of presentation that led to content covering the balance of science and art, the facts about pollen, microscopic detailed images, creating visual effects for communicating scientific  knowledge, accessing public health services and app’s, and working in collaboration.

Microscope Images: Dr Bruce Graham
Microscope Images: Dr Bruce Graham

Sharing insights of the creative process and scientific discovery generated welcomed questions from a very responsive audience, especially offering further networks and contacts for allergies and health research. Advocating interdisciplinary team work, demonstrating impact of the collective synergy and  the extending the value of collaborative research certainly created a interest to know more about our work. This project is just one of the many science-art research collaborations at CSU.

Intervisible' Concept Development - Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Dr John Harper
Intervisible’ Concept Development – Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Dr John Harper
‘InterVisible’ – presenting scientific knowledge through public arts 
Concept Development: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Dr John Harper

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