‘SPLASH!! …Leaping into action following a few moments of thought, distilling experiences, word and image and contemplating those first brush marks onto canvas, in a collaborative painting of five canvases.

Guidelines: keep it simple, do not feel precious about your marks and certainly feel free to paint over other areas of painting and across the set of canvases.  Playful and game-like, especially as areas of the canvas change, participants work flexibly from one canvas to another, the result is defined only by time, as the countdown is limited by video recording on  individual mobile phones.

Data is transferred to digital editing software and reworked into a series of five videos for screen and installation’.

Splash! ... Eleanor Gates-Stuart
Splash! … Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Interdisciplinary workshop for the particpants of Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills Program, (ARRTS) 2017 | Australian Defence Force and the University of Canberra. Words – action – movement – expression across canvas. Documenting the process with mobiles phones (keeping the technology simple and accessible for editing), video files merge into a multi-channel video.

Working with participants across all discipline areas: visual arts, creative writing, drama and music, to produce a combined artwork musing on expressive notation and interruption. Sounds easy… no rules – no guidelines. In fact, the first mark proved to be the most challenging faced with a black canvas, secondly overcoming courtesy of painting over someone else’s mark / words and ideally keeping in mind the processes being translated to screen.

Splash! = 5 monitors + individual b/w videos: 8 mins

(Duration: 1 minute)

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