Design focused work

Mazoo, a mythological science-art spaceship laboratory travelling the galaxy (in this case the internet) on its journey, sharing knowledge of the wonderful Orchid plant species.

Techno Art with Professor Eleanor

What an end to a great semester at National Cheng Kung University and having enjoyed being part of bringing this Techno Art Program into existence. Wonderful to have received my … Continue reading Techno Art with Professor Eleanor

Stella Mutants by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Stellr Mutants VR World

Stellr Mutants VR World are the next ‘breed’ of agricultural wheat extending the Stellrscope Species Building the next breed via a VR world to experience the species up close and inside. … Continue reading Stellr Mutants VR World

Eleanor Gates-Stuart: 'Intel-Straits IV' - Prototypes

Objects in Space (VR+)

Intel-Straits IV Objects in Space (VR+) – Stage 3 in Progress following on from initial sketches to VR environments (Google Tilt Brush).  Next step: materialising the object – monumental scale … Continue reading Objects in Space (VR+)

Visualising the Abstracts in VR

It is worth a try… Visualising the ‘Abstracts’ investigating methods for recreating a VR painting especially for an immersive environment. Read more…

Exhibition: Broken Windows Theory Opens

Great opening at Aglow Space Gallery 愛莉諾 Eleanor Gates-Stuart, 徐凡 Hsu Fan, 黃佩珊 Huang Pei-Shan, 于庭懿 Yu Ting-Yi, 羅翊寧 Lo Yi-Ning, 葉泰佑 Ye Tai-You, 李宜瑾 Lee Yi-Chin

Wedge: Under the surface

Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals Acknowledgement Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO

Under the Surface

Scitech Residency 2016 Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart Designs coming along for the project: currently working on the still images taken from my visits to WA mining fields. A bit of a … Continue reading Under the Surface

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology The Creatives gallery showcases artists, designers, and creative technologists whose work has been informed or influenced by science and technology. Artists create, shape, reflect, … Continue reading IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art

Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art PhD thesis and final seminar complete. Created this image ‘Discovery’ to celebrate the research. PhD Research study at the Australian National Centre for the … Continue reading Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art

Designing Science+Art

 Designs completed for CSIRO Discovery Display Design Brief: Incorporating CSIRO photographs in a new design with text (Artistic approach required) Dimensions: Table 5 m x 1m Detail for Glass-case – Accompanying … Continue reading Designing Science+Art