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Shirty Science

Sketching out my Thoughts  - Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Sketching out my Thoughts – Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

It has been great fun to be involved in Shirty Science this year and to team up with Dr Marija Mustac as ‘Project Earthquake’. What a terrific initiative by Madison Hartill-Law to come up with the idea of Shirty Science – check out: website and facebook page.

Marija and I have completed our project design which will be released soon via Shirty Science – so no sneak peek just yet!!

However, I wanted to sketch out my thoughts on one sheet to document my thoughts and have as a keepsake. I do tend to use post-it (sticky notes) to think through ideas and this sheet actually starts with my first sketch ‘taking shape’ as I contemplated how I would exchange ideas with my scientist partner, Marija. Interesting how Marija’s research focuses on tracking earthquakes and I have experienced quite a few from living in Taiwan … a great start for the both of us!! Anyway, not to discuss our completed design but to post this page as an insight to the experience for me. Keep  a look out for all this year’s fabulous designs from Shirty Science.

Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Unravelling the Sequence’ the first in the series of images, photo-sketches, for the new body of work starting here at the National Cheng Kung University. This body of work extends my research here on the Campus of NCKU, probably the timing and response to having been here over a year, finding overlaps in my thought and experiences, as I live between Australia and Taiwan…. one world.

Those of you that know me will with no doubt grasp the context – just an experiment.

Science communication remains an import aspect of the investigation and the results are two-fold in this particular instance so I can wider the scope of the results.

Back in Aus …

Over in Australia with a great visit planned to SA Museum and planning of next projects. Contact me if you would like to catch up, chat about visits, research, have coffee… (June-Late August)

Eleanor's Slide Talk

Eleanor’s Slide Talk

Innovation Art: Rio Tinto Innovation Central – Scitech WA

'Under the Surface' by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech's Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation: ‘Under the Surface’ by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech’s Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation @ Scitech WA. The ‘Under the Surface’ Mining and Minerals has been installed and is up and running at Scitech WA. The work has been gerourously supported by CSIRO, KCGM Superpit, GeoScience Australia, DMP and Scitech Rio Tinto Innovation Central.

More images and acknowledgements via this link

Contact Eleanor for more information

Green and Gold and Red

Australia to Taiwan: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart at National Cheng Kung University – Techno Art

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, National Cheng Kung University, Techno Arts

Very excited to be taking up this overseas appointment in Taiwan having worked on many collaborative projects there over the years. This will be an opportunity to develop  international research , artistic opportunities, projects and international networks.

Looking forward to be working and living between Taiwan and home in Australia, continuing my passion for science, arts and technology. Happy to hear from artists interested in developing research projects in these areas.

Acknowledgements: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) ANU, Scitech



All Awash

Painting the Blues

Developing a series of washes as part of my ‘brush’ templates First sign of a similar approach in the FingerCodes Series. Remnants of gatescherrywolmark with echoes of sub-cultural european influence.

Blues by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Blues by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


© Eleanor Gates-Stuart 2015

Post-it sketches

Post-it sketches (x3) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Post-it sketches (x3) by Eleanor Gates-Stuart ©

Post-it sketches reflect my thoughts and capture snippets of my daily life. They have been something that sit in the background to my artist practice – more of a distraction to what I am actually doing and sometimes an enjoyable gift to send a friend and share with family.  Drawing has always been part of my life but I never really regarded any of these sketches as an influence until I was in my final year at art school. It was then that they became part of my work having gained the confidence to put them out in public. A tutor had seen one of my letters that I was writing to a friend and asked about all the sketches that I was adding into the letter and asked if this was something that I enjoyed. Much of my earlier work show signs of this approach as I fluctuated through various stylistic methods to tell a story – more often to deflect the viewer from the real story or the images being personalised. A bit of a contraction really as everyone knew they were my drawings.

I still add drawings to my letters, enjoying a fountain pen and smudging my sketch with my fingers. These days I do not write as many letters as I would like to send as email is so much quicker and I guess that is why I started using the post-it notes as they are always on my desk. A thought will be put straight onto the note and then my iphone would send it off to a friend or add it up to my facebook page where I enjoy sharing the sketches with friends. I always placed them on my personal page rather than my art pages as I still wanted to keep them close, especially as they tend to be about my friends or my personal life.

So why make them more public? Interestingly, they have become part of my research study in a discussion relating to the framing of ideas. More so…… it has been great to receive lots of feedback from folks and that is as enjoyable for me as sharing the sketches. I do not have many early ones as they were all sent out in letters – you never know they might still have a few around if the content was directly about them or if they are as as much a ridiculous a hoarder of things as me.

Post-it sketches by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Post-it sketches by Eleanor Gates-Stuart ©

Collections On-Line: eleanorgatestuart

Following requests to buy artworks direct, eleanorgatestuart Collections are now online. Gradually updating the works – please enjoy and share the post

Feel free to contact in regards to commissions, projects and research.

3D Creepy Crawlies – ABC3 Behind the News

Longhorn Beetle - 3D Titanium Printing by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

ABC3 Behind the News Reporter, Emma Davis, interviews CSIRO Science Art Fellow, Eleanor Gates-Stuart and CSIRO Research Scientist, Dr Chuong Nguyen about their collaboration to produce the 3D Titanium Insects. Watch the video, below:


3D Creepy Crawley Bugs by ABC Behind the News

3D Creepy Crawley Bugs by ABC Behind the News

3D Titanium Bugs on exhibition at Embracing Innovation Volume 3

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Gallery: 18 Jul – 24 Aug 2013
Level 1, North Building, 180 London Circuit, Civic Square, Canberra

“Eleanor Gates-Stuart has worked as part of a team also, with scientists and computer experts at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) providing specific expertise. As part of her Canberra Centenary science art commission StellrScopE, the team used a 3D scanner to map weevils and other bugs and insects, and enlarge them with detail intact. Such art and science collaborations are increasingly common, for instance the Synapse initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australian Network for Technology2 has facilitated collaborations between artists and scientists on a variety of projects over the last ten years.

Artworks produced during Gates-Stuart’s collaboration include two dimensional images and a group of three dimensional bugs printed in titanium and patinated in strong bright colour. The ‘re-birthed’ bugs, enlarged beyond their true size, are strange hybrids; neither toy nor specimen, props perhaps in a science fiction film or animation. Spot lit in the gallery this sense of the filmic is amplified”.

Extract from Embracing Innovation Volume 3 Essay by Dr Patsy Hely

Opening Speech by Peter King:

Mr Peter King is the Manager of Green Growth Partnerships and Design Integration and the Secretariat Australian Design Integration Network at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).


Giant 3D printed bugs shed light on insect anatomy

3D imaging & scanning: Dr Chuong Nguyen and Dr Sherry Mayo

Images are low resolution with watermark – high res’ images available on request

More information can be following on these links:

Beetle Mania Larger Than Life

3D-Printing Giant Bugs Out of Titanium For Science

Giant 3D Printed Bugs Shed Light on Insect Anatomy

Seeding the Plant

Image: "Beautiful Mutant & Seeds' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: ‘Beautiful Mutant & Seeds’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

3D Beautiful Mutant’ and ‘twoxseeds’ are part of the new virtual crop series being produced for StellrScope. This image includes the wheatear ‘point cloud’ as part of the visualisation process leading the object into other artworks.

BUGS: Canberra is Enlightened by Chris Kimble

BUGS: Canberra is Enlightened by Chris Kimble, ABC 7.30 Report

Canberra is Enlightened

Posted Fri Mar 1, 2013 7:56pm AEDT

Canberra’s public buildings have become canvasses for art – it’s Enlightened.

Source: ABC 7.30 ACT 

Duration: 4min 34sec

The report features previous Enlighten Architectural Projections as this is a preview to the Enlighten 2013


StellrScope Logo by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

StellrScope celebrates the story of wheat innovation over the last century, from the days of wheat experimentalist William Farrer to the food futures research of today.

StellrScope is the Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission awarded for 2013. StellrScope Blog

The Centenary Science Art Commission is jointly funded by the ACT Government and the Australian Government and is one of many projects taking place to mark the Centenary of Canberra in 2013. StellrScopE will be completed in 2013 and displayed at Questacon and the CSIRO Discovery Centre in Canberra.


Finger Fossil

‘Finger Fossil’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Ongoing investigation ‘Finger Codes’ … notions of identity.

Interested in embedding visual coded material and 3D mapping.

Cast & artwork by Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scan by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

Finger Codes Series as seen below:

‘FC03’, Image by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Finger Codes Series, exhibited at the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery 2010, UCSC, US and CSIRO Discovery Centre 2011.

For more images see: eleanorgatestuart



Eleanor Gates-Stuart

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