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National Library of Australia – Architectural Projections

Enlighten Architectural projections at the national Library of Australia by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Enlighten 2013: Architectural Projections at the National Library of Australia by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

National Library of Australia – Sketches & Projection Photographs

Referencing the library’s collection of Australian board games in juxtaposition with historical artefacts to explore Australia’s history.

The Federation Game

The Federation Game was published for Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by the Australian Government Publishing Service (1987) and is an interesting use of the snakes and ladders theme. I have used these references in re-sketching the board and aligning these references on the building

Race to the Gold Diggings of Australia Game

Game based on the Voyage to the Gold Diggings of Australia based on travelling the seas.  I have playfully juxtaposed objects, altered visual perspective, rearranged numbers and direction of timelines to create a larger than life surreal viewpoint.

Questacon Architectural Projections

Architectural Projections on Questacon by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Architectural Projections on Questacon by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

ENLIGHTEN 2013: Bugs and Plants on Questacon

Very exciting to see that the final projections are a match to the concepts and artwork.


Mapping Insects (BUGS): Texture and Environment

3D reconstructed insects from the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO. The insects are placed on a static visual plane that changes in timeframe onto the building and have a visual dynamic effect from both walls or at a corner.


Grassland Series

Plants through an artistic 3D ‘lens’ and the complex structure of the plant, texture and DNA. A translated 3D model and simulated environment viewed as ‘internal’ landscape on external walls.



Artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Insect scan data by Dr Chuong Nguyen from the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO.

Plants scan data by Dr Xavier Sirault and Dr Chuong Nguyen at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility – the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre at CSIRO.

Projections by Electric Canvas.

BUGS: Canberra is Enlightened by Chris Kimble

BUGS: Canberra is Enlightened by Chris Kimble, ABC 7.30 Report

Canberra is Enlightened

Posted Fri Mar 1, 2013 7:56pm AEDT

Canberra’s public buildings have become canvasses for art – it’s Enlightened.

Source: ABC 7.30 ACT 

Duration: 4min 34sec

The report features previous Enlighten Architectural Projections as this is a preview to the Enlighten 2013

Sneak Peak ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart's Architectural Projections, ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s Architectural Projection Artwork, ENLIGHTEN 2013

ENLIGHTEN: A sneak peek at one of the architectural projections starting tonight in Canberra.

It has been an amazing experience to make the concepts become real and to see the buildings transform with the artworks. Wow… large scale and in 3D .. amazing.

Electric Canvas are brilliant to work with and have created an excellent showcase for Enlighten 2013.  The above image shows Questacon actually lit up (centre image) whilst the other smaller images are my concept sketches. I hope to publish these here soon once the Enlighten Program is well on its way. The National attraction buildings that have my artwork: the National Library of Australia, Questacon and the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament).

Enlighten Map

With thanks:

CSIRO, The Australian National Insect Collection, Electric Canvas, Enlighten 2013, The Enlighten Venues (NLA, MOAD, Questacon, NPG), The Centenary of Canberra 2013, ABC


ENLIGHTEN 2013 – Architectural Projections

PosterSelected as one of the five artists for Enlighten 2013 – Architectural Projections in Canberra. I created the above image as a sneak peek poster for my visual snippets. Looking forward to working with the artistic team, host organisations, Curator Gemma Pepper and the Electric Canvas.