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Back in Aus …

Over in Australia with a great visit planned to SA Museum and planning of next projects. Contact me if you would like to catch up, chat about visits, research, have coffee… (June-Late August)

Eleanor's Slide Talk

Eleanor’s Slide Talk

All Awash

Painting the Blues

Developing a series of washes as part of my ‘brush’ templates First sign of a similar approach in the FingerCodes Series. Remnants of gatescherrywolmark with echoes of sub-cultural european influence.

Blues by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Blues by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


© Eleanor Gates-Stuart 2015

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

The Creatives gallery showcases artists, designers, and creative technologists whose work has been informed or influenced by science and technology. Artists create, shape, reflect, and define our society — their contribution is critical to any human rights movement. This gallery seeks to recognize the critical role of artists and creative practitioners in imagining and realizing a more gender equitable future.

Great to be part of the exhibition – Thank you 

A Global Fund for Women Project

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology


Loops Collection by Imagainarymediaimages

The seconds it took to recall that moment were irrelevant

A series of works based on facets of time, remnants of history that feature in our culture of workforce, discovery and innovation.

Loops Collection by imaginarymediaimages

Loops Collection by imaginarymediaimages

Snapshot CV: Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Updating a few things…. See Menu CV

Eleanor Gates-Stuart CV

Eleanor Gates-Stuart – Snapshot

DESIGN: Science + Art – Panels for CSIRO


Information Panels for CSIRO Discovery Centre DiscoveryLogo_Reverseb


Information Panels for CSIRO Discovery Centre by Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Each panel is H: 271cm x W: 42.2 cm

Information Panels for CSIRO Discovery Centre by Eleanor Gates-Stuart.

Panels commissioned for the Food Futures Science Exhibition area

© Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Each panel is H: 271cm x W: 42.2 cm

Science Inspired Design

Science Inspired Designs by Eleanor – five in the Collection were previewed at FASHFEST. All designs are extracted from her research interests in science art (CSIRO + ANU), deconstructing the complex 3D images and reusing in beautiful repeat pattern. Artworks are available direct from Studio  E L E A N O R G A T E S T U A R T  Australia – likewise for other design projects and commisssions.

Science Inspired Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Science Inspired Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Images show a watermark – this does not appear on original designs

'Moran' Print by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

‘Moran’ Print by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Rachel wearing ‘Jewels’ at the Finale at FASHFEST

Rachel wearing 'Jewels' print with Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Rachel wearing ‘Jewels’ print with Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Collections On-Line: eleanorgatestuart

Following requests to buy artworks direct, eleanorgatestuart Collections are now online. Gradually updating the works – please enjoy and share the post

Feel free to contact in regards to commissions, projects and research.

StellrScope Science Art Publication

StellrScope Catalogue Pages Preview

StellrScope Catalogue by Eleanor Gates-Stuart – Pages Preview

The exhibition catalogue (electronic version) of the Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission, ‘StellrScope’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

The publications contains contributions from other authors talking about this commissioned works of art, including scientists from CSIRO.

Preview the StellrScope Catalogue here:

Click on the picture below

StellrScope Exhibition Catalogue by Eleanor Gates-Stuart © 2013
Published by CSIRO
Food Futures Flagship & Computational Informatics
ISBN: 978-1-4863-0088-4
ISBN: 978-1-4863-0089-1

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronical or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the author.

Sneak Peak ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart's Architectural Projections, ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s Architectural Projection Artwork, ENLIGHTEN 2013

ENLIGHTEN: A sneak peek at one of the architectural projections starting tonight in Canberra.

It has been an amazing experience to make the concepts become real and to see the buildings transform with the artworks. Wow… large scale and in 3D .. amazing.

Electric Canvas are brilliant to work with and have created an excellent showcase for Enlighten 2013.  The above image shows Questacon actually lit up (centre image) whilst the other smaller images are my concept sketches. I hope to publish these here soon once the Enlighten Program is well on its way. The National attraction buildings that have my artwork: the National Library of Australia, Questacon and the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament).

Enlighten Map

With thanks:

CSIRO, The Australian National Insect Collection, Electric Canvas, Enlighten 2013, The Enlighten Venues (NLA, MOAD, Questacon, NPG), The Centenary of Canberra 2013, ABC