Thoughts on Creative Practice

Mmm… (pause)… contemplation and creative thinking in art and design practice, the intellectualising of thought and research involved in developing an idea and critical reflection in making work.

The aim is to find the core elements that trigger creative engagement and experimentation, transferring ideas into artistic output led by interdisciplinary research through the means of science, art and technology.

Mmm. signifies that hesitant stage in thinking towards action, the human mind processing meaning and rationalising an idea before being spoken. Such intense scrutiny, the surge of brain activity and reasoning is the simple foundation for generating communication amongst a diverse group of creative people, artists and scientists alike.

This is not a discussion of philosophical values but a simple intrinsic method for establishing dialogue in an interdisciplinary team with a wide range of experiences and differing research fields. The simplicity of Mmm. creates an open space for dialogue, an interchange of ideas and entrepreneurial synergy for crossover practice.

Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Adjunct Professor –  Charles Sturt University

Previously: Professor of Creative Industries  – Charles Stuart University

Mmm.. NCKU