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Visualising the Abstracts in VR

Image Capture: Painting with Google Tilt Brush, "Abstracts' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image Capture: Painting with Google Tilt Brush, ‘Abstracts’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

It is worth a try… Visualising the ‘Abstracts’ investigating methods for recreating a VR painting especially for an immersive environment. Read more…

Exhibition: Broken Windows Theory Opens

破窗效應 BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY – 9 January 2016 – Aglow Space Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

破窗效應 BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY – 9 January 2016 – Aglow Space Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

Great opening at Aglow Space Gallery

愛莉諾 Eleanor Gates-Stuart, 徐凡 Hsu Fan, 黃佩珊 Huang Pei-Shan, 于庭懿 Yu Ting-Yi, 羅翊寧 Lo Yi-Ning, 葉泰佑 Ye Tai-You, 李宜瑾 Lee Yi-Chin

Installing the exhibition: Broken Windows Theory at Aglow Space Gallery.

Installing the exhibition: Broken Windows Theory at Aglow Space Gallery.

Imagine Classified

New works in association with imaginarymediaimages – read more:

'Classified' Works by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

‘Classified’ Works by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


IMI Studio and Boxes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

IMI Studio and Boxes 

Ball and Planes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Ball and Planes 


Fingers, Bugs and Time Travel

Finger, Bugs and Time Travel all sound like a great title for an Artwork.

These are new leaflets available on the works: FingerCodes, Titanium Insects and Nautical Mix

Leaflet available on request or view on ISSUU

FingerCodes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

FingerCodes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Bugs by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Bugs by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Nautical Mix by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Nautical Mix by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


Loops Collection by Imagainarymediaimages

The seconds it took to recall that moment were irrelevant

A series of works based on facets of time, remnants of history that feature in our culture of workforce, discovery and innovation.

Loops Collection by imaginarymediaimages

Loops Collection by imaginarymediaimages


Brilliant day presenting at TEDxCanberra

Amazing series of presenters and excellent event

Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Presenter at TEDxCanberra 2014

Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Presenter at TEDxCanberra 2014

Photograph of Eleanor by Ian Barndt

A big “Thank you” to TEDxCanberra and all the wonderful volunteers

TEDxCanberra Organisers and Volunteers

TEDxCanberra Organisers and Volunteers

Snapshot CV: Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Updating a few things…. See Menu CV

Eleanor Gates-Stuart CV

Eleanor Gates-Stuart – Snapshot

A Very Special Commission

New Artworks for a Very Special Commission

New Artworks for a Very Special Commission

Submarines, ships, historical buildings, vintage belongings, maps, technical drawings.. all with a twist of heritage and family clans. Artworks made for a very special commission and for their forthcoming special event.

Images by Eleanor Gates-Stuart © 2014


Reference Material:
Source images credited to Wikipedia Commons (copyright free images and creative commons licenses) (AUS+US)

StellrScope – Canberra Critics Circle Award

StellrScope - Canberra Critics Circle Award

A huge “thank you” to the Canberra Critics Circle for acknowledging the ‘StellrScope’ Exhibition at Questacon. A wonderful tribute to the work produced as part of the Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission and host partner with the CSIRO.

I share this award with all the terrific people who helped and collaborated in the making of StellrScope.

S C I E N C E + A R T ….. Yay!

Canberra Critics Circle:

The idea is that we, the critics, single out qualities we have noticed — things which have struck us as important. These could be expressed as abstracts, like impact, originality, creativity, craftsmanship and excellence.

The 22 year-old Canberra Critics’ Circle is the only such group of critics in Australia that runs across all the major art forms.

More information on StellrScope at CSIRO

Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

Paper: Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

Paper: Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

StellrScope @ CSIRO

Paper presented at IEEE VIS 2013, Atlanta, US

Paper available at this link:


People tend to judge the benefits of Science Art collaborations by their tangible outputs, such as artworks, visualisations and other artefacts generally accessible to a wide audience. We argue that the process by which these artworks were created can be a significant, or even the principal benefit of these collaborations, even though it might be largely invisible to anyone other than the collaborators. We describe our experience of Art and Science as mutual catalysts for creativity and imagination within the context of a large multidisciplinary research organisation (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation—CSIRO) and a major national exhibition—The Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission. We have formed a view that Science and Art often pursue orthogonal dimensions of creativity and innovation, and that with the right approach and attitude, collaborators can combine these dimensions to access new areas of imagination and ideas. We discuss some of the challenges we have experienced in pursuing this aim, but conclude that the rewards to Art and Science—and the benefits they deliver to society—are well worth it.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Matthew Morell, David Lovell, Chuong Nguyen, Matt Adcock, Jay Bradley


3D Creepy Crawlies – ABC3 Behind the News

Longhorn Beetle - 3D Titanium Printing by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

ABC3 Behind the News Reporter, Emma Davis, interviews CSIRO Science Art Fellow, Eleanor Gates-Stuart and CSIRO Research Scientist, Dr Chuong Nguyen about their collaboration to produce the 3D Titanium Insects. Watch the video, below:


3D Creepy Crawley Bugs by ABC Behind the News

3D Creepy Crawley Bugs by ABC Behind the News

3D Titanium Bugs on exhibition at Embracing Innovation Volume 3

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Gallery: 18 Jul – 24 Aug 2013
Level 1, North Building, 180 London Circuit, Civic Square, Canberra

“Eleanor Gates-Stuart has worked as part of a team also, with scientists and computer experts at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) providing specific expertise. As part of her Canberra Centenary science art commission StellrScopE, the team used a 3D scanner to map weevils and other bugs and insects, and enlarge them with detail intact. Such art and science collaborations are increasingly common, for instance the Synapse initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australian Network for Technology2 has facilitated collaborations between artists and scientists on a variety of projects over the last ten years.

Artworks produced during Gates-Stuart’s collaboration include two dimensional images and a group of three dimensional bugs printed in titanium and patinated in strong bright colour. The ‘re-birthed’ bugs, enlarged beyond their true size, are strange hybrids; neither toy nor specimen, props perhaps in a science fiction film or animation. Spot lit in the gallery this sense of the filmic is amplified”.

Extract from Embracing Innovation Volume 3 Essay by Dr Patsy Hely

Opening Speech by Peter King:

Mr Peter King is the Manager of Green Growth Partnerships and Design Integration and the Secretariat Australian Design Integration Network at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).


Giant 3D printed bugs shed light on insect anatomy

3D imaging & scanning: Dr Chuong Nguyen and Dr Sherry Mayo

Images are low resolution with watermark – high res’ images available on request

More information can be following on these links:

Beetle Mania Larger Than Life

3D-Printing Giant Bugs Out of Titanium For Science

Giant 3D Printed Bugs Shed Light on Insect Anatomy


Scithetics: the combination of scientific discovery and aesthetic exploration, culminating in its expression in a visual medium.

Published on Mediaesaurus


MesMeanwhile here is the archived version by the National Library of Australia vis Pandora. Archived MeS:



Image. ‘BlueSky_T‘ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

The ‘BlueSky’ images are part of a concept series created for a large scale installation work. ‘BlueSy_T’ is an arial view of the 3D scene showing the insects in the undergrowth.

‘BlueSky’ is on exhibition at SciArt2012:the secret lives of scientists at the Discovery Centre, CSIRO, Canberra.

Image. ‘Sii_BlueSky’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

High resolution 3D scans from the Australian National Insect Collection ANIC by Dr Chuong Nguyen.  Artwork and rendered animation scenes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart.

Plants scans by Dr Xavier Sirault and Dr Chuong Nguyen at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility – the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre at CSIRO.
Above images are shown with a watermark – high resolution images are available.


Finger Fossil

‘Finger Fossil’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Ongoing investigation ‘Finger Codes’ … notions of identity.

Interested in embedding visual coded material and 3D mapping.

Cast & artwork by Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scan by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

Finger Codes Series as seen below:

‘FC03’, Image by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Finger Codes Series, exhibited at the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery 2010, UCSC, US and CSIRO Discovery Centre 2011.

For more images see: eleanorgatestuart



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