ARTSTATE Speakers Program

ARTSTATE Speakers Program

Saturday 7 November, 9:45am – 10:45am

Artstate 2020

Multi-disciplinary Co-Creation: Combining Creative Arts & Science
Panel: Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Andrew Hagan, Bernard Higgins Moderated by Tracey Callinan

Where does the arts fit into the world of Extended Reality? Extended Reality is immersive technology encompassing Augmented Reality (objects and information are overlaid in the real world), Virtual Reality (users are immersed in a simulated digital environment) and Mixed Reality (where digital and real-world objects exist). This panel will reveal how these technologies help us blend virtual and real worlds, moving from story telling to story living and creative uses of this technology across different disciplines to create tomorrow’s world.

#XRC #scienceandarts Charles Sturt University #storytelling Andrew Hagan Bernard Higgins Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart Tracey Callinan

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