'Home Grown' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart (From the Post-it III Series

Evolving Virus

‘Evolving Virus’ paintings – a theme that has been with me for many years and being back in Australia with time in my studio (I have to say it is … Continue reading Evolving Virus

Lab coat makes Catwalk – FashFest

Working on the ‘Scientist’ theme for FASHFEST has certainly thrown a different perspective on the research I normally undertake in my science art focus and one that is truly exciting. … Continue reading Lab coat makes Catwalk – FashFest

Poster, Prints and Paper @ ASC 2014

Exhibiting a poster at ASC 2014 and showing artworks in the Science Art Exhibition. Also presentation of our research paper, ‘Visualising Insects: An Exploration in Science and Art’ , co-authored … Continue reading Poster, Prints and Paper @ ASC 2014

Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

StellrScope @ CSIRO Paper presented at IEEE VIS 2013, Atlanta, US Paper available at this link: http://visap2013.sista.arizona.edu/papers/Stuart_CreativeCatalysts.pdf Abstract: People tend to judge the benefits of Science Art collaborations by their tangible … Continue reading Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

StellrScope Science Art Publication

The exhibition catalogue (electronic version) of the Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission, ‘StellrScope’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart The publications contains contributions from other authors talking about this commissioned works of … Continue reading StellrScope Science Art Publication

StellrScope Banner Poll

StellrScope Exhibition Banners – Please take the poll and help choose which banner Link: http://stellrscope.com/2013/07/25/stellrscope-exhibition-banners/

Hot Seeds

Hot Seeds A Series of Artworks Celebrating the Centenary of Canberra, Science Art Commission Residency, StellrScope, at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 6 August – 15 September, 2013 Open:  … Continue reading Hot Seeds

Titanium Insects

Titanium Insects produced @ CSIRO Titanium Technologies are on Exhibition at: Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Gallery:   Embracing Innovation Volume 3 Thursday, 18 July to Saturday, 24 August 2013 The development … Continue reading Titanium Insects

Seeding the Plant

3D ‘Beautiful Mutant’ and ‘twoxseeds’ are part of the new virtual crop series being produced for StellrScope. This image includes the wheatear ‘point cloud’ as part of the visualisation process … Continue reading Seeding the Plant

Vizbi @ Vivid

Connect With Science at Vivid Sydney 30 May 2013, 7:00pm – Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Photo: (Weevil – Titanium Insect by Eleanor Gates-Stuart in collaboration with Chuong Nguyen, CSIRO) http://vizbi.org/VIZBIplus/Continue reading Vizbi @ Vivid