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3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

The 3D animated ‘Grassland’ sequence provides the stunning design for one of the FASHFEST contemporary swimwear. The palm beetle and cicada (from the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO) are amongst the featured ‘stars’ in the designs, although they might be rather hard to find in the sheer brilliance and pattern of the printed fabric.

The other four designs are full of colour as you can imagine with such beautiful Australian insects as inspiration. These will be revealed on the night at FASHFEST.

There are also a suite of artworks from Grasslands as shown on Studio E L E A N O R G A T E S T U A R T Australia.

If you are interested in knowing more about Eleanor’s work – please contact her directly.

'Grassland' Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

‘Grassland’ Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the 'Grassland' artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the ‘Grassland’ artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart



Seeding the Plant

Image: "Beautiful Mutant & Seeds' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: ‘Beautiful Mutant & Seeds’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

3D Beautiful Mutant’ and ‘twoxseeds’ are part of the new virtual crop series being produced for StellrScope. This image includes the wheatear ‘point cloud’ as part of the visualisation process leading the object into other artworks.

3D Wheat Section

Wheatear Section 3D by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Wheatear Section 3D by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Wheatear CT Scan extracted as a mesh file and reconstructed in Maya. Part of StellrScope research for the Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission.

CT scan by Research Scientist, Dr Sherry Mayo (CSIRO)

Image shown – Low res’ image with watermark. High res’ image available – contact Eleanor

Night Bugs

Image: 'Night Lights' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: ‘Night Lights’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Night Bugs.. ENLIGHTEN 2013

Here is a clue to what is happening at Questacon during Enlighten 1-9 March. Who let the bugs out!!!

Check out the event and program : ENLIGHTEN


Insects ’20×20′ Collection by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

These images form part of the ’20×20′insect series relating to research on 3D visualisation an image projection with Chuong Nguyen (CSIRO).

The above image is low-resolution with watermark.



Australian National Insect Collection

Insects ’20×20′ Series by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Reworked images for SPECTRA Conference using high resolution 3D scans from the Australian National Insect Collection ANIC and archives from CSIRO’s Library special collections room of original watercolour insect illustration plates.

Artwork by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Insect Scans by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

*Insects Illustration reference:

Original Plates by F. Nanninga (CSIRO) or ‘The Insects of Australia’, Publication by Melbourne University Press, 1970. 

Image also published on×20/

View ’20×20′ Insect Collection Slide Gallery


‘Bugs’ – Concept to Live Projection

Left side images – concept for projection.
Rightside images – film and still image projection in situ @ CSIRO

‘Bug’ movie and still image projections by Eleanor Gates-Stuart at SPECTRA Conference @ CSIRO 2012.

3D Insect Scans by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO