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Stellr Mutants VR World

Stellr Mutants VR World are the next ‘breed’ of agricultural wheat extending the Stellrscope species

Stella Mutants by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Stella Mutants by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, revisiting ’15 Seeds’ and ‘Beautiful Mutant’ from the StellrScope wheat experimentation and innovation series.

Building the next breed via VR world to experience the species up close and inside.

Acknowledgement: CSIRO + Data61


Fingers, Bugs and Time Travel

Finger, Bugs and Time Travel all sound like a great title for an Artwork.

These are new leaflets available on the works: FingerCodes, Titanium Insects and Nautical Mix

Leaflet available on request or view on ISSUU

FingerCodes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

FingerCodes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Bugs by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Bugs by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Nautical Mix by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Nautical Mix by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

The 3D animated ‘Grassland’ sequence provides the stunning design for one of the FASHFEST contemporary swimwear. The palm beetle and cicada (from the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO) are amongst the featured ‘stars’ in the designs, although they might be rather hard to find in the sheer brilliance and pattern of the printed fabric.

The other four designs are full of colour as you can imagine with such beautiful Australian insects as inspiration. These will be revealed on the night at FASHFEST.

There are also a suite of artworks from Grasslands as shown on Studio E L E A N O R G A T E S T U A R T Australia.

If you are interested in knowing more about Eleanor’s work – please contact her directly.

'Grassland' Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

‘Grassland’ Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the 'Grassland' artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the ‘Grassland’ artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart



Hot Seeds

Hot Seeds @ CSIRO Discover Centre

Hot Seeds @ CSIRO Discover Centre

Hot Seeds

A Series of Artworks Celebrating the Centenary of Canberra,

Science Art Commission Residency, StellrScope, at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

6 August – 15 September, 2013

Open:  Mon – Fri  9.00 am – 5.00 pm    Weekends 11 am – 3 pm

Venue:  CSIRO Discovery Centre

North Science Road, Acton ACT 2601

StellrScope @ Questacon

StellrScope @ Questacon

StellrScope by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Celebrating a Century of Wheat Innovation in Australia from the days of William Farrer to CSIRO Research today

5 August – 1 September, 2013

Open daily between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm

Venue:  Gallery 5, Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre

King Edward Terrace Canberra, ACT 2604 Australia

Admission to StellrScope at Questacon is free (conditions apply,  see for information

Kinect’ing the Dots

Sketch, 'PlantSeedMan' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Sketch, ‘PlantSeedMan’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

PlantSeedMan Installation Development Research for StellrScope Science Art Commission Project – see post

3D Kinect Body Scanning

3D Kinect Body Scanning (Scans of David Lovell, Chuong Nguyen & Eleanor Gates-Stuart)

Video composition using 3D kinect body scanning by Chuong Nguyen – PlantSeedMan Video and Artwork by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Still Image, 'PlantSeedMan' Video Clip by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Still Image, ‘PlantSeedMan’ Video Clip by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

IMPRINT: The Journal of the Print Council of Australia

IMPRINT Cover Image, ‘MAGICal B’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

IMPRINT Cover Image, ‘MAGICal B’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

IMPRINT, The Journal of the Print Council of Australia

New Technologies and Alternative Media

Autumn 2013   Volume 48   No. 1 Pages 30/31

IMPRINT Article, ‘StellrScope’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Clive Barstow

IMPRINT Article, ‘StellrScope’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Clive Barstow

Article: StellrScope, the Centenary of Canberra’s Science Art Commission by Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Clive Barstow

Journal available: IMPRINT_Article2013



Sneak Peak ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart's Architectural Projections, ENLIGHTEN 2013

Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s Architectural Projection Artwork, ENLIGHTEN 2013

ENLIGHTEN: A sneak peek at one of the architectural projections starting tonight in Canberra.

It has been an amazing experience to make the concepts become real and to see the buildings transform with the artworks. Wow… large scale and in 3D .. amazing.

Electric Canvas are brilliant to work with and have created an excellent showcase for Enlighten 2013.  The above image shows Questacon actually lit up (centre image) whilst the other smaller images are my concept sketches. I hope to publish these here soon once the Enlighten Program is well on its way. The National attraction buildings that have my artwork: the National Library of Australia, Questacon and the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament).

Enlighten Map

With thanks:

CSIRO, The Australian National Insect Collection, Electric Canvas, Enlighten 2013, The Enlighten Venues (NLA, MOAD, Questacon, NPG), The Centenary of Canberra 2013, ABC




Poster Presented at OzViz 2012 by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Presented  StellrScope, as an update on the Centenary of Canberra 2013 Science Art Commission Project at OzViz 2012 Symposium.

Poster exhibited (as shown) includes Dr Chuong Nguyen (CSIRO)and Dr Xavier Sirault (CSIRO)

OzViz2012 Program

OzViz2012 Posters


Image. ‘BlueSky_T‘ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

The ‘BlueSky’ images are part of a concept series created for a large scale installation work. ‘BlueSy_T’ is an arial view of the 3D scene showing the insects in the undergrowth.

‘BlueSky’ is on exhibition at SciArt2012:the secret lives of scientists at the Discovery Centre, CSIRO, Canberra.

Image. ‘Sii_BlueSky’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

High resolution 3D scans from the Australian National Insect Collection ANIC by Dr Chuong Nguyen.  Artwork and rendered animation scenes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart.

Plants scans by Dr Xavier Sirault and Dr Chuong Nguyen at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility – the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre at CSIRO.
Above images are shown with a watermark – high resolution images are available.



‘Bugs’ – Concept to Live Projection

Left side images – concept for projection.
Rightside images – film and still image projection in situ @ CSIRO

‘Bug’ movie and still image projections by Eleanor Gates-Stuart at SPECTRA Conference @ CSIRO 2012.

3D Insect Scans by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO