'Home Grown' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart (From the Post-it III Series

Evolving Virus

‘Evolving Virus’ paintings – a theme that has been with me for many years and being back in Australia with time in my studio (I have to say it is … Continue reading Evolving Virus

Sketching out my Thoughts - Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Shirty Science

It has been great fun to be involved in Shirty Science this year and to team up with Dr Marija Mustac as ‘Project Earthquake’. What a terrific initiative by Madison … Continue reading Shirty Science

Experimentation: Orchids by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart in collaboration with the Orchid Research and Development Center (NCKU), Taiwan.

Bioart: Orchids

In writing mode for the works in progress, Blood Fusion, Orchid Plants in Collaboration with the Orchid Research and Development Centre at National Cheng Kung University. I might have seemed quiet since … Continue reading Bioart: Orchids

Mazoo, a mythological science-art spaceship laboratory travelling the galaxy (in this case the internet) on its journey, sharing knowledge of the wonderful Orchid plant species. https://issuu.com/eleanorgatestuart/docs/mazoo

Techno Art with Professor Eleanor

What an end to a great semester at National Cheng Kung University and having enjoyed being part of bringing this Techno Art Program into existence. Wonderful to have received my … Continue reading Techno Art with Professor Eleanor

Orchid Research with Techno Art at National Cheng Kung University


Orchid Project Team: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Professor Hong-Hwa Chen Techno Artists: Chen Yin-Shou, Hsiang-Cheng Chen, Juin-Kai Huang, Kai-Hsiang Hung, Xin-Hung Lin, Lu Hsiang-Hsi, Wei-Yu Lu Acknowledgement: Research Scientists – NCKU Orchid Research and Development Centre, NCKU, Tainan

Stellr Mutants VR World

Stellr Mutants VR World are the next ‘breed’ of agricultural wheat extending the Stellrscope species Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, revisiting ’15 Seeds’ and ‘Beautiful Mutant’ from the StellrScope wheat experimentation … Continue reading Stellr Mutants VR World

Objects in Space (VR+)

Objects in Space (VR+) – Stage 3 in Progress following on from initial sketches to VR environments (Google Tilt Brush).  Next step: materialising the object – monumental scale

Visualising the Abstracts in VR

It is worth a try… Visualising the ‘Abstracts’ investigating methods for recreating a VR painting especially for an immersive environment. Read more…

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Thank you ATWEN for publishing this article.  Great be be working in both Australia and Taiwan.