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Shirty Science – Team Earthquake Sneak Peek

Project Now Launched – see Projects

Team Earthquake Sneak-Peek

Team Earthquake Sneak-Peek (Artist: Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Scientist: Marija Mustac)


Tonight is the launch of Shirty Science 2017 – see all the scienceart t-shirts

It has been a great experience – congratulations to all.

Well done Madi.





Shirty Science

Sketching out my Thoughts  - Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Sketching out my Thoughts – Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

It has been great fun to be involved in Shirty Science this year and to team up with Dr Marija Mustac as ‘Project Earthquake’. What a terrific initiative by Madison Hartill-Law to come up with the idea of Shirty Science – check out: website and facebook page.

Marija and I have completed our project design which will be released soon via Shirty Science – so no sneak peek just yet!!

However, I wanted to sketch out my thoughts on one sheet to document my thoughts and have as a keepsake. I do tend to use post-it (sticky notes) to think through ideas and this sheet actually starts with my first sketch ‘taking shape’ as I contemplated how I would exchange ideas with my scientist partner, Marija. Interesting how Marija’s research focuses on tracking earthquakes and I have experienced quite a few from living in Taiwan … a great start for the both of us!! Anyway, not to discuss our completed design but to post this page as an insight to the experience for me. Keep  a look out for all this year’s fabulous designs from Shirty Science.