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Shirty Science

Sketching out my Thoughts  - Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Sketching out my Thoughts – Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

It has been great fun to be involved in Shirty Science this year and to team up with Dr Marija Mustac as ‘Project Earthquake’. What a terrific initiative by Madison Hartill-Law to come up with the idea of Shirty Science – check out: website and facebook page.

Marija and I have completed our project design which will be released soon via Shirty Science – so no sneak peek just yet!!

However, I wanted to sketch out my thoughts on one sheet to document my thoughts and have as a keepsake. I do tend to use post-it (sticky notes) to think through ideas and this sheet actually starts with my first sketch ‘taking shape’ as I contemplated how I would exchange ideas with my scientist partner, Marija. Interesting how Marija’s research focuses on tracking earthquakes and I have experienced quite a few from living in Taiwan … a great start for the both of us!! Anyway, not to discuss our completed design but to post this page as an insight to the experience for me. Keep  a look out for all this year’s fabulous designs from Shirty Science.


Exploring the world of Orchids through Art at the Orchid Research and Development Centre (ORDC)

Mazoo, a mythological science-art spaceship laboratory travelling the galaxy (in this case the internet) on its journey, sharing knowledge of the wonderful Orchid plant species.

M A Z O O . S p a c e


Mazoo a mythological science-art spaceship laboratory travelling the galaxy (in this case the internet) on its journey, sharing knowledge of the wonderful Orchid plant species.

Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Professor Techno Arts) and the Orchid Team: Kai-Hsing Hung (Jimmy), Hsiang-Hsi Lu, Hsing-Cheng Chen (Rider), Jiun-Kai Huang, Yin-Shou Chen (Jessica), Wei-yu Lu, Xin-Hung Lin (Ace) collaborated with ORDC and Professor Hong-Hwa (Director ORDC) in communicating the research of Orchids. 

If you would like to know more about the project, the lab and / or the artists please contact Eleanor 

Click on the pages below to read more about the project. Please note: Images must not be reproduced as the copyright belongs to the individual artists.

View Pdf: M A Z O O

Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: Unravelling the Sequence by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Unravelling the Sequence’ the first in the series of images, photo-sketches, for the new body of work starting here at the National Cheng Kung University. This body of work extends my research here on the Campus of NCKU, probably the timing and response to having been here over a year, finding overlaps in my thought and experiences, as I live between Australia and Taiwan…. one world.

Those of you that know me will with no doubt grasp the context – just an experiment.

Science communication remains an import aspect of the investigation and the results are two-fold in this particular instance so I can wider the scope of the results.

Stellr Mutants VR World

Stellr Mutants VR World are the next ‘breed’ of agricultural wheat extending the Stellrscope species

Stella Mutants by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Stella Mutants by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, revisiting ’15 Seeds’ and ‘Beautiful Mutant’ from the StellrScope wheat experimentation and innovation series.

Building the next breed via VR world to experience the species up close and inside.

Acknowledgement: CSIRO + Data61


Back in Aus …

Over in Australia with a great visit planned to SA Museum and planning of next projects. Contact me if you would like to catch up, chat about visits, research, have coffee… (June-Late August)

Eleanor's Slide Talk

Eleanor’s Slide Talk

Innovation Art: Rio Tinto Innovation Central – Scitech WA

'Under the Surface' by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech's Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation: ‘Under the Surface’ by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech’s Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation @ Scitech WA. The ‘Under the Surface’ Mining and Minerals has been installed and is up and running at Scitech WA. The work has been gerourously supported by CSIRO, KCGM Superpit, GeoScience Australia, DMP and Scitech Rio Tinto Innovation Central.

More images and acknowledgements via this link

Contact Eleanor for more information

Wedge: Under the surface

Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA

'Wedge' by Artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech 2016

Wedge’ by Artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals


Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO

Under the Surface

Eleanor Gates-Stuart Scitech 2016

Scitech Residency 2016

Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Designs coming along for the project: currently working on the still images taken from my visits to WA mining fields. A bit of a delay since being overseas but hopefully back on track. Video files next with research images from scientists at CSIRO.
Eleanor Gates-Stuart Design Stage 1 - Scitech Residency 2016
© Eleanor Gates-Stuart

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

The Creatives gallery showcases artists, designers, and creative technologists whose work has been informed or influenced by science and technology. Artists create, shape, reflect, and define our society — their contribution is critical to any human rights movement. This gallery seeks to recognize the critical role of artists and creative practitioners in imagining and realizing a more gender equitable future.

Great to be part of the exhibition – Thank you 

A Global Fund for Women Project

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

IGNITE: Women Fueling Science & Technology

Lab coat makes Catwalk – FashFest

Working on the ‘Scientist’ theme for FASHFEST has certainly thrown a different perspective on the research I normally undertake in my science art focus and one that is truly exciting. Seeing images take on a new aesthetic in the form of fabric design and applied to the FASHFEST scientist theme for swimwear is an interesting direction.

Admittedly the lab coats have crept into the spotlight and to be honest an image I have not attached to my work before given it is usually the science itself I have been focused on. However, seeing the fun that the public has in wearing the lab coats and taking on the persona of scientist in the learning environment at CSIRO Discovery Centre captured my attention.

Although the lab coats only have a few seconds appearance as the science inspired fabric prints and swimsuits are the main feature, I am already thinking about the potential of them in future concepts. Collaborators are most welcome.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Accessorising the SciArtFash

Accessorising the SciArtFashfest

3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

3D Grassland goes fabric for FASHFEST

The 3D animated ‘Grassland’ sequence provides the stunning design for one of the FASHFEST contemporary swimwear. The palm beetle and cicada (from the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO) are amongst the featured ‘stars’ in the designs, although they might be rather hard to find in the sheer brilliance and pattern of the printed fabric.

The other four designs are full of colour as you can imagine with such beautiful Australian insects as inspiration. These will be revealed on the night at FASHFEST.

There are also a suite of artworks from Grasslands as shown on Studio E L E A N O R G A T E S T U A R T Australia.

If you are interested in knowing more about Eleanor’s work – please contact her directly.

'Grassland' Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

‘Grassland’ Design by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the 'Grassland' artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: One of the ‘Grassland’ artworks by Eleanor Gates-Stuart



Collections On-Line: eleanorgatestuart

Following requests to buy artworks direct, eleanorgatestuart Collections are now online. Gradually updating the works – please enjoy and share the post

Feel free to contact in regards to commissions, projects and research.

FashFest: Art+Science+Fashion

Insect inspired designs ready for FashFest… great to be one of the selected artists to create designs for the swimwear fabric design.

Designs will be revealed on the night at FashFest – meanwhile here are a few snippets of my inspiration and research at CSIRO and the Australian National Insect Collection:

Sketching for FashFest by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Sketching for FashFest by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Fashion Sketch - Insects by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Fashion Sketch – Insects by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Spectacular Weevil" by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Spectacular Weevil” by Eleanor Gates-Stuart



Fashfest goes bug-eyed over swimwear Canberra Times

Eleanor’s Artwork Collections Store eleanorgatestuart


Dr Chuong Nguyen, CSIRO

Australian National Insect Collection ANIC, CSIRO


Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

Paper: Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

Paper: Art and Science as Creative Catalysts

StellrScope @ CSIRO

Paper presented at IEEE VIS 2013, Atlanta, US

Paper available at this link:


People tend to judge the benefits of Science Art collaborations by their tangible outputs, such as artworks, visualisations and other artefacts generally accessible to a wide audience. We argue that the process by which these artworks were created can be a significant, or even the principal benefit of these collaborations, even though it might be largely invisible to anyone other than the collaborators. We describe our experience of Art and Science as mutual catalysts for creativity and imagination within the context of a large multidisciplinary research organisation (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation—CSIRO) and a major national exhibition—The Centenary of Canberra Science Art Commission. We have formed a view that Science and Art often pursue orthogonal dimensions of creativity and innovation, and that with the right approach and attitude, collaborators can combine these dimensions to access new areas of imagination and ideas. We discuss some of the challenges we have experienced in pursuing this aim, but conclude that the rewards to Art and Science—and the benefits they deliver to society—are well worth it.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Matthew Morell, David Lovell, Chuong Nguyen, Matt Adcock, Jay Bradley


Seeding the Plant

Image: "Beautiful Mutant & Seeds' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Image: ‘Beautiful Mutant & Seeds’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

3D Beautiful Mutant’ and ‘twoxseeds’ are part of the new virtual crop series being produced for StellrScope. This image includes the wheatear ‘point cloud’ as part of the visualisation process leading the object into other artworks.


Scithetics: the combination of scientific discovery and aesthetic exploration, culminating in its expression in a visual medium.

Published on Mediaesaurus


MesMeanwhile here is the archived version by the National Library of Australia vis Pandora. Archived MeS:




Poster Presented at OzViz 2012 by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Presented  StellrScope, as an update on the Centenary of Canberra 2013 Science Art Commission Project at OzViz 2012 Symposium.

Poster exhibited (as shown) includes Dr Chuong Nguyen (CSIRO)and Dr Xavier Sirault (CSIRO)

OzViz2012 Program

OzViz2012 Posters


Image. ‘BlueSky_T‘ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

The ‘BlueSky’ images are part of a concept series created for a large scale installation work. ‘BlueSy_T’ is an arial view of the 3D scene showing the insects in the undergrowth.

‘BlueSky’ is on exhibition at SciArt2012:the secret lives of scientists at the Discovery Centre, CSIRO, Canberra.

Image. ‘Sii_BlueSky’ by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

High resolution 3D scans from the Australian National Insect Collection ANIC by Dr Chuong Nguyen.  Artwork and rendered animation scenes by Eleanor Gates-Stuart.

Plants scans by Dr Xavier Sirault and Dr Chuong Nguyen at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility – the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre at CSIRO.
Above images are shown with a watermark – high resolution images are available.


Biosecurity as Art

Constructing Images and Revisioning Science Image Collections

‘Crack’ Image by Eleanor Gates-Stuart for the Australian Biosecurity Intelligence Network

‘Starfish’ Image by Eleanor Gates-Stuart for the Australian Biosecurity Intelligence Network

Images produced for the Australian Biosecurity Intelligence Network (ABIN)

Image References: CSIRO Image Library

View other works


‘The Abstract Universe: Microcosm/Macrocosm’, Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, USA, 2012.

 ‘Biosecurity as Art’, ASC Conference, Sydney. 2012


‘Bugs’ – Concept to Live Projection

Left side images – concept for projection.
Rightside images – film and still image projection in situ @ CSIRO

‘Bug’ movie and still image projections by Eleanor Gates-Stuart at SPECTRA Conference @ CSIRO 2012.

3D Insect Scans by Dr Chuong Nguyen CSIRO

Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO