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Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Thank you ATWEN for publishing this article. 

Great be be working in both Australia and Taiwan.

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart - National Cheng Kung University

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart – National Cheng Kung University

Innovation Art: Rio Tinto Innovation Central – Scitech WA

'Under the Surface' by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech's Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation: ‘Under the Surface’ by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech’s Artist in Residence 2016 @ Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Installation @ Scitech WA. The ‘Under the Surface’ Mining and Minerals has been installed and is up and running at Scitech WA. The work has been gerourously supported by CSIRO, KCGM Superpit, GeoScience Australia, DMP and Scitech Rio Tinto Innovation Central.

More images and acknowledgements via this link

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Wedge: Under the surface

Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA

'Wedge' by Artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech 2016

Wedge’ by Artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals


Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO

Science and Art – Mineral Resources CSIRO

Amazing support from Mineral Resources at CSIRO WA for ‘Under the Surface’, Scitech Artist Residency 2016 – Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Busy few days dashing between Scitech and CSIRO WA in bringing together Art+Science+Technology. Well done CSIRO for engaging with artists.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart visiting Mineral Resources CSIRO WA

Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Visiting ‘scientist’ – artist at Mineral Resources CSIRO


Exploring spaces at Scitech WA as planning for my Artist in Residence work is under development. A few days to meet with the amazing team of staff and enjoying seeing the exhibits full of visitors – so much fun.

Will keep posting about the project especially as we move nearer the date to the launch. Had a great look around all the spaces and saw a super cool exhibition about to open. I had a special peek of the exhibition behind the scenes. Lots to think about…………

Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech WA

Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech WA


Australia’s Beauty in WA

Just had to share one of my new images of Western Australia, part of the ‘Under the Surface’ mining project, residency at Scitech Discovery Centre 2016. 

So beautiful……

Image: Western Australia by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

© Image: Western Australia by Eleanor Gates-Stuart 

Under the Surface

Eleanor Gates-Stuart Scitech 2016

Scitech Residency 2016

Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Designs coming along for the project: currently working on the still images taken from my visits to WA mining fields. A bit of a delay since being overseas but hopefully back on track. Video files next with research images from scientists at CSIRO.
Eleanor Gates-Stuart Design Stage 1 - Scitech Residency 2016
© Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Green and Gold and Red

Australia to Taiwan: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart at National Cheng Kung University – Techno Art

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, National Cheng Kung University, Techno Arts

Very excited to be taking up this overseas appointment in Taiwan having worked on many collaborative projects there over the years. This will be an opportunity to develop  international research , artistic opportunities, projects and international networks.

Looking forward to be working and living between Taiwan and home in Australia, continuing my passion for science, arts and technology. Happy to hear from artists interested in developing research projects in these areas.

Acknowledgements: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) ANU, Scitech