'Home Grown' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart (From the Post-it III Series

Evolving Virus

‘Evolving Virus’ paintings – a theme that has been with me for many years and being back in Australia with time in my studio (I have to say it is … Continue reading Evolving Virus

Experimentation: Orchids by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart in collaboration with the Orchid Research and Development Center (NCKU), Taiwan.

Bioart: Orchids

In writing mode for the works in progress, Blood Fusion, Orchid Plants in Collaboration with the Orchid Research and Development Centre at National Cheng Kung University. I might have seemed quiet since … Continue reading Bioart: Orchids

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Thank you ATWEN for publishing this article.  Great be be working in both Australia and Taiwan.

Green and Gold and Red

Australia to Taiwan: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart at National Cheng Kung University – Techno Art Very excited to be taking up this overseas appointment in Taiwan having worked on many collaborative projects … Continue reading Green and Gold and Red

Professor (Techno Art) NCKU

Delighted to be joining National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) – Professor (Techno Art) This appointment follows my Doctorate Degree at the Australian National University, Australian National Centre for the Public … Continue reading Professor (Techno Art) NCKU

Insects walk the Catwalk: FASHFEST

Amazing ‘insects’ hit the catwalk in FASHFEST, as the science inspired insect prints were proudly showcased in the Scientist fashion theme. Almost ironic as the designs are 3D insect body … Continue reading Insects walk the Catwalk: FASHFEST


SCIENCE+ART+FASHION … CSIRO+eleanorgatestuart+FASHFEST Bugs make it to the fashion walkway at FASHFEST. Well sort of… Eleanor’s insect artwork is fused in a myriad of design as fashion fabrics for swimwear. A … Continue reading SCIENCE+ART+FASHION

Poster, Prints and Paper @ ASC 2014

Exhibiting a poster at ASC 2014 and showing artworks in the Science Art Exhibition. Also presentation of our research paper, ‘Visualising Insects: An Exploration in Science and Art’ , co-authored … Continue reading Poster, Prints and Paper @ ASC 2014