Catch Myself

‘Catch Myself’ – no room for self-doubt but rather a string of thoughts expressed through movement.

Selection by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Growing Likeness

Natural selection… a time of change Current research project, ‘Growing Likeness’ is in progress by Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart (StudioLab eleanorgatestuart). This work extends her interests in biometrics and follows on … Continue reading Growing Likeness

Splash - Canvas to Video, Eleanor Gates-Stuart


  ‘SPLASH!! …Leaping into action following a few moments of thought, distilling experiences, word and image and contemplating those first brush marks onto canvas, in a collaborative painting of five … Continue reading Splash!

Breaking Windows Theory

  Artworks include: The first public exhibition for these artists and with their Professor, Eleanor Gates-Stuart. 愛莉諾 Eleanor Gates-Stuart 徐凡 Hsu Fan 黃佩珊 Huang Pei-Shan 于庭懿 Yu Ting-Yi 羅翊寧 Lo Yi-Ning 葉泰佑 Ye Tai-You 李宜瑾 Lee … Continue reading Breaking Windows Theory

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart (NCKU) and Director General Chen, National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


NCKU Thank you ATWEN for publishing this article.  Working in both Australia and Taiwan. Forging links and creative discussions: National Science and Technology Museum