Breaking Windows Theory

  Artworks include: The first public exhibition for these artists and with their Professor, Eleanor Gates-Stuart. 愛莉諾 Eleanor Gates-Stuart 徐凡 Hsu Fan 黃佩珊 Huang Pei-Shan 于庭懿 Yu Ting-Yi 羅翊寧 Lo Yi-Ning 葉泰佑 Ye Tai-You 李宜瑾 Lee … Continue reading Breaking Windows Theory

Lantern Festival

Techno Art Program – Public Art Project ‘Lantern Festival’
Masters Students on the Techno Art Program (NCKU) are working in collaborative teams to produce artworks with light for the Festival Commission. A key feature is consideration of audience engagement and themetic ties to the local culture.

Bright Sparks – Techno Art

Lantern Festival 2016
Congratulations to the Techno Art Students @ National Cheng Kung University for their successful major funding: Lantern Projects 2016

Techno Art @ NCKU
Double success – two projects commissioned
Techno Art @ NCKU
Double success – two projects commissioned – Rotating Memory & Persimmon in Art

于庭懿, 黃佩珊, Yi Ning Lo, Tai You Ye, Joanna Hsu

Research Supervisors: Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Dr Ming Turner