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The Wonder of Fantasy Forum

Keynote Presentation, Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart: The Wonder of Fantasy Forum, Taiwan, 2014

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art

Publication: Wonder of Fantasy: 2014 International Techno Art Forum Proceedings

The “Wonder of Fantasy: 2014 Techno Art Forum” invited five renowned foreign scholars and artists, namely Lev Manovich, Jay Chow, Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Erkki Huhtamo, and Machiko Kusahara, to share their researches and practices in different dimensions of information visualization and exchange their ideas about the relationships among humans, digital images, and the society. Besides, in their discussions and the question-and-answer session, they also pointed out the features of local artistic practices beneath the development of international techno-art, and thereby manifested the brand new connotations of different cultures acquired from their mutual reference of respective information visualization.
This collection includes not only the theses that summarize the four scholars’ inspiring research findings, but also the brilliant insights delivered by the five keynote speakers during their discussions at the forum. With the publication of this collection, we expect to promote deep interdisciplinary thinking on more dimensions and broaden the readers’ horizons about the diverse content of technology and art.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart: Keynote Speech at 'The Wonder of Fantasy' Conference Forum

Eleanor Gates-Stuart: Keynote Speech at ‘The Wonder of Fantasy’ Conference Forum

Opening: The Wonder of Fanatsy

Opening: The Wonder of Fantasy

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Eleanor Gates-Stuart - Keynote Address: the Wonder of Fantasy

Eleanor Gates-Stuart – Keynote Address: The Wonder of Fantasy Forum 2014

Keynote Address: Eleanor in Taiwan

Keynote Address: Eleanor in Taiwan

The Wonder of Fantasy Forum, Taiwan 2014


Speakers: The Wonder of Fantasy Fourum

Speakers: The Wonder of Fantasy Fourum