3D Printed Titanium Bugs

Titanium Insects

3D Titanium Insects
3D Titanium Insects

Collection to Collective is a series of 3D Printed Titanium Insects which are a result of researching the weevil insect as part of the StellrScope Wheat Science Art Commission at CSIRO. The insects brought together expertise across CSIRO, including the Australian National Insect Collection, Mathematics, Information & Statistics and Future Manufacturing.

3D imaging & scanning: Dr Chuong Nguyen and Dr Sherry Mayo

Images are low resolution with watermark – high res’ images available on request

More information can be following on these links:

Beetle Mania Larger Than Life

3D-Printing Giant Bugs Out of Titanium For Science

Giant 3D Printed Bugs Shed Light on Insect Anatomy

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