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Methods in Playfulness – Science & Art – IMPel

'Thought System' - visual mapping for The Immersive Mesopelagic Performance Lab (IMPel)

‘Thought System’ – visual mapping for the Immersive Mesopelagic Performance Lab (IMPel)

Team of Six – Artist and Scientists – 1 week of creativity and performance following on from their ‘Day in the Life’ Deep blu Sea to IMPel.

‘Thought System’ is a visual plan referencing the IMPel concept development through to production. Intensive workshop – think tank mapping ideas through experiment with materials, technology, animated sketches, lighting design, dance and script.

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Discovering the Deep Blue Sea

Workshop Sketch by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Workshop Sketch by Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Preparing for the forthcoming SciArt Workshop (LAB) 2017 in the US. A post-conference 2016: ‘Discovering the Deep Blue Sea’ Keck Futures funding initiative at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with fellow collaborators (Artists & Scientists). It is going to be exciting to meet everyone again and participate in this experimental lab. 

  • Eleanor Gates-Stuart: Artist Australia
  • Larry Pratt: Oceanographer WHOI
  • Karen Wisher: Professor of Oceanography
    University of Rhode Island
  • Heather Spence: Marine Biologist 
  • Lisa D’Amour: Playwright and Co-Artistic Director
  • Steven Haddock: Marine Biologist MBARI