Wedge: Under the surface

Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals Acknowledgement Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO

Breaking Windows

Delighted to be exhibiting with the up and coming artists @ NCKU  Breaking Windows Theory Exhibition by Techno Artists from NCKU 2016 破窗效應 BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY – 9 January 2016 – … Continue reading Breaking Windows

‘Magnified’ – 12 Years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Delighted to be invited to ‘Magnified’ – 12 Years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize at the National Archives of Australia. Natural Science and Art – wonderful.  

Science and Art – Mineral Resources CSIRO

Amazing support from Mineral Resources at CSIRO WA for ‘Under the Surface’, Scitech Artist Residency 2016 – Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Busy few days dashing between Scitech and CSIRO WA in bringing … Continue reading Science and Art – Mineral Resources CSIRO

Under the Surface

Scitech Residency 2016 Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart Designs coming along for the project: currently working on the still images taken from my visits to WA mining fields. A bit of a … Continue reading Under the Surface

Green and Gold and Red

Australia to Taiwan: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart at National Cheng Kung University – Techno Art Very excited to be taking up this overseas appointment in Taiwan having worked on many collaborative projects … Continue reading Green and Gold and Red

Professor (Techno Art) NCKU

Delighted to be joining National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) – Professor (Techno Art) This appointment follows my Doctorate Degree at the Australian National University, Australian National Centre for the Public … Continue reading Professor (Techno Art) NCKU

All Awash

Painting the Blues Developing a series of washes as part of my ‘brush’ templates First sign of a similar approach in the FingerCodes Series. Remnants of gatescherrywolmark with echoes of sub-cultural european influence. ‘Blues’ © … Continue reading All Awash