Eleanor Gates-Stuart: 'Intel-Straits IV' - Prototypes

Objects in Space (VR+)

Intel-Straits IV Objects in Space (VR+) – Stage 3 in Progress following on from initial sketches to VR environments (Google Tilt Brush).  Next step: materialising the object – monumental scale … Continue reading Objects in Space (VR+)

Visualising the Abstracts in VR

It is worth a try… Visualising the ‘Abstracts’ investigating methods for recreating a VR painting especially for an immersive environment. Read more…


Enjoyed presenting my work and being part of the SIGGRAPH 2016 panels (CG in Australasia & CG in Asia) Anaheim Convention Centre, LA CG in Australasia Speakers include: Patricia Kung … Continue reading SIGGRAPH 2016

SIGGRAPH: Art of the Unseen

Delighted to be one of the artists in this SIGGRAPH exhibition. Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives live on the internet. Phil Gough and Lindsay Zackeroff, co-curators and Cynthia B Rubin, Chair, ACM … Continue reading SIGGRAPH: Art of the Unseen

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2016

Science + Art @ at the South Australia Museum Congratulations to all applicants who entered this year’s Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize and for providing a challenging and exciting opportunity for … Continue reading The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2016

Back in Aus …

Over in Australia with a great visit planned to SA Museum and planning of next projects. Contact me if you would like to catch up, chat about visits, research, have … Continue reading Back in Aus …

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Thank you ATWEN for publishing this article.  Great be be working in both Australia and Taiwan.

Innovation Art: Rio Tinto Innovation Central – Scitech WA

Installation @ Scitech WA. The ‘Under the Surface’ Mining and Minerals has been installed and is up and running at Scitech WA. The work has been gerourously supported by CSIRO, … Continue reading Innovation Art: Rio Tinto Innovation Central – Scitech WA

Exhibition: Broken Windows Theory Opens

Great opening at Aglow Space Gallery 愛莉諾 Eleanor Gates-Stuart, 徐凡 Hsu Fan, 黃佩珊 Huang Pei-Shan, 于庭懿 Yu Ting-Yi, 羅翊寧 Lo Yi-Ning, 葉泰佑 Ye Tai-You, 李宜瑾 Lee Yi-Chin

Wedge: Under the surface

Happening soon…………… ‘Under the Surface’ @ SCITECH WA Under the Surface – Mining & Minerals Acknowledgement Mining Data: Dr Peter Schaubs, CSIRO

Breaking Windows

Delighted to be exhibiting with the up and coming artists @ NCKU  Breaking Windows Theory Exhibition by Techno Artists from NCKU 2016 破窗效應 BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY – 9 January 2016 – … Continue reading Breaking Windows

Science and Art – Mineral Resources CSIRO

Amazing support from Mineral Resources at CSIRO WA for ‘Under the Surface’, Scitech Artist Residency 2016 – Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Busy few days dashing between Scitech and CSIRO WA in bringing … Continue reading Science and Art – Mineral Resources CSIRO